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This digital library has been prepared by Amy Proni (now Amy Ranger)
in fulfillment of a class assignment for ILS-655
Southern Connecticut State University
Dr. Yan Quan Liu
Fall, 2005

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Collection 1: in Italy
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Collection 4: History

Welcome to the home page of the Proni Digital Library. As of 2 December 2005, the Library includes 30 documents, 3 movies, 4 recipes, and over 40 pages of photographs.

The Library has been a labor of love, not only for the family of my best friend and former husband Tullio Proni, who accepted me as one of their own, but also for the field of library science, because the logic and intellectual challenge of it captivate me. For more information on the construction of this library, see the Project Notes page.

The story of the Proni Family is not unlike that of millions of other families who left familiar lands, people, and languages, and came to the United States with a dream of a better life. It was my honor and privilege to be a part of this family, and to share in that dream, if only for a little while.

In memory of Maria Z. Proni and Oscar C. Proni.

Organization of collection

Collection 1: in Italy
Family, friends and associates
Aunts, uncles, cousins

Collection 2: in the United States
Family, friends and associates
Aunts, uncles, cousins

Collection 3: Documents
Official documents
Certificates, including patents and designs

Collection 4: History

These are items that contribute to the understanding of Italians during World War I, World War II, and culture of both Italy and the United States.

Italy and the Proni Family during World War I
Italy and America: the Proni Family between the Wars
Italy and the Proni Family during World War II
Historical background on migration patterns (Italy and the United States)
Life in the United States post World War II
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You may scroll through the photographs, documents, recipes, music and movie stills. As of 1 December 2005 there are about 46 photographs, 30 documents, 3 songs, and 3 movies available.

Collection index

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Collection policy

Items may be accessed via the web. Collections will include photographs (either scanned as JPG, GIF, or TIFF files, or "born digital"), movies (MOV or MPG), text documents (scanned and saved as either as JPG, TIFF, or HTML files, or possibly converted through OCR into DOC files), and audio recordings (MP3). The collection will be comprised of family photographs, certificates, recipes, movies, and other items as deemed appropriate by the curator of the collection.

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Mission statement

The Proni Digital Library is a collection of images, documents, songs, and movies about a family that emigrated from Italy to America in 1954.

The library is presently for family members who are scattered across the United States; in the future the library may be accessible to individuals interested in Italian migration stories.

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Follow the structure presented by the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative

Name given to the resource.

Extent or scope of the content of the resource (spatial location, temporal period, or jurisdiction). Use the Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names Online

Subject and keywords; use controlled vocabulary or formal classification scheme.

An entity primarily responsible for making the content of the resource.

A date associated with an event in the life cycle of the resource (YYYY-MM-DD). Use the date that item is digitized, or, if born digital, date of capture.

An account of the content of the resource.

The physical or digital manifestation of the resource (include size or duration).

Uniform resource identifier (code assigned when item is digitized).

A language of the intellectual content of the resource (ita or eng). Use ISO639-2.

An entity responsible for making the resource available.

Reference to a related resource (link to full size image).

Information about rights held in and over the resource.

A reference to a resource from which the present resource is derived.

Nature or genre of the content of the resource (collection, dataset, event, image, interactive resource, moving image, physical object,service, software, sound, still image, text).

Extraneous notes used to place the item in context, or as deemed necessary by the curator of the collection.

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Coverage set.
Use the Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names Online®.
The following are examples of coverage, but coverage is not limited to these alone:

World–Europe–Italy–Friuli-Venezia-Giulia–Gorizia–Gradisca d’Isonzo.
World–Europe–Italy–Veneto–Belluno–Cortina d’Ampezzo.
World–North and Central America–United States–New Jersey–Hudson–Ellis Island.
World–North and Central America–United States–Florida–Miami-Dade–North Miami.
World–North and Central America–United States–Florida–Miami-Dade–Biscayne, Key–Key Biscayne.
World–North and Central America–United States–Florida–Everglades National Park.
World–North and Central America–United States–Florida–Broward–Hollywood.
World–North and Central America–United States–Florida–Broward–Fort Lauderdale.
World–North and Central America–United States–Florida–Orange–Winter Park.
World–North and Central America–United States–Michigan–Kalamazoo–Kalamazoo.

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Subject set

The Proni Digital Library utilizes a controlled vocabulary and formal classification scheme. Here are examples of subjects and keywords. Each example is linked to the Index, which includes cross-references to files or pages about that person, place, or topic.

Proni, Giovanni
Delcot, Luigia
Zampieri, Felice
Zampieri, Mercede Tedeschi
Proni, Oscar
Proni, Maria Z.
Proni, Tullio
Proni, Lucio
Proni, Duilio
Proni, Rebecca
Proni, Alexander
Proni, Nicholas
Birsa, Nevio
Sorgo, Giuliana Birsa
Proni, Alice
Proni, John R.
Proni, John R., Jr.
Proni, Maria-Elena
Proni, Anna Marie
Proni, Yvonne
Proni, Maria G.
Proni, Karen
Proni, Amy
Proni, Sergio

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Resource descriptions

Resources include image files (JPEG, GIF, TIFF). Some images have been scanned using a Canon CanoScan8400F scanner; other image files were "born digital" with an Olympus digital camera. Resources also include text files (possibly JPEG, TIFF, DOC, PDF, or HTML) which represent textual documents that were scanned, converted through OCR software or retyped, or created as original text documents and saved in either DOC, PDF, or HTML formats. Audio files (MP3 or AIFF) have been created or captured using iTunes software. Movie files were created using QuickTime Pro and iMovie, and represent family movies originally captured with a hand-held 8mm camera. In some cases the original movies were re-taped using a hand-held camcorder; these films did not include an audio track, which was added using iMovie software.

The collection has been created with an Apple PowerBook G4 laptop running OS X "Tiger" v.10.4. The collection and resources therein are stored on an Apple Macintosh G5 Server at the web site of Isher Artifacts, a business owned by Tullio and Amy Proni.

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Access and use

Access to the Proni Digital Library may eventually be restricted by requiring an authorized name and password. The collection is accessible through the use of any web browser; searching is not available now, but may be available in the future. The collection is accessible through a variety of links: collection, time period, item format, or medium.

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Interface design

The Proni Digital Library will be displayed as standard web pages, written in HTML using Mozilla Composer, with links to larger images and options for downloading files in different formats. The Library has been tested for accessibility on Windows PCs and Macintosh computers, using Internet Explorer, Safari, and Mozilla browsers. Metadata has been included in each file to facilitate eventual searching and retrieval.

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Services and features

The Proni Digital Library offers a thumbnail image of the resource on a collection page. Larger images may be viewed or downloaded by clicking the image and viewing it on a separate page. Music and movie resources may be accessed by clicking the link; QuickTime Player may be required.

The Proni Digital Library will be updated on the first Saturday of each month. Links will be verified and new material may be added at that time.

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