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Assignment: Promotional material--create one piece of promotional material for your library. It could be a poster, a welcome letter, an idea for a give away (give specific details of what and what it will tell about the library), a description of your products or services, an article about your library or it’s products or services or anything else you can develop that can be used for marketing your library. Please make it complete with as many details as possible including who your target audience is, how you will distribute, post or send it out and what you hope to accomplish in creating it.

BiblioFairy Information Services
Research and Consulting

…because the road to reliable information can be bumpy…

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Time is money. Can you afford to lose any?

Do you need:
Information related to a topical interest?

Details on your competition?

Research assistance regarding new directions for your business or yourself?

Someone to organize, evaluate, and catalog your collection of books, music, DVDs or videos?

BiblioFairy Information Services can do all that, and more. If you have ever had an information need and didn’t know how to meet that need, you should call  BiblioFairy.

BiblioFairy Information Services is owned and operated by Amy Ranger, a long-time resident of Michigan.

Ms. Ranger earned a Masters in Library Science from Southern Connecticut State University, New Haven, Connecticut. She has a solid understanding of computer-mediated communication, extensive experience with computer-aided searches, information retrieval, and indexing and organizing material.

Call BFIS at 269-352-6452 the next time you need research to supplement a presentation, paper, promotional material, or business deal.

Topical, relevant information

BiblioFairy Information Services has access to proprietary databases such as Factiva, Lexis-Nexis, Dialog, and Hoover’s that are not indexed by the major search engines. Other available services include document delivery through the Michigan Information Transfer Source, Infotrieve, or the British Library; and copyright compliance through the Copyright Clearance Center.


As a member of the Association of Independent Information Professionals,  BiblioFairy Information Services has access to more than seven hundred independent information professionals. Subject specialists provide an opportunity to collaborate as well as sub-contract projects when necessary.


BiblioFairy Information Services will keep your information needs private and confidential.


BiblioFairy Information Services offers solutions to your information needs at a price you can afford.

Ms. Ranger's background uniquely positions her to research and provide you with concise results that can be applied to your information need.

No question is too big or too small for BFIS.

Amy Ranger, the proprietor of
BiblioFairy Information Services, is an independent information professional.

Information professionals gather, organize and coordinate access to the best available information sources for an organization, and understand the need to turn that information into usable knowledge. Clients pay for the expertise that Amy Ranger brings to the research process, and to any related information services.

Contrary to the conventional wisdom, most information is not available free on the web. In fact, much of the authoritative, reliable data necessary for strategic business planning is found only in proprietary databases that are not listed in well-known search engines. Some information can only be found in books — yes, even today — which you may not have the time or inclination to track down. I can do that for you. Other types of data must be retrieved through courthouse visits or government documents, telephone interviews with experts, or by reading published articles, corporate white papers, or association reports which may be buried deep within organizational websites.

Finding reliable, relevant information in “the information age” is not as easy as it seems. Call a professional for your information needs. Call
BiblioFairy Information Services at 269-352-6452.

Your business success very likely depends on critical information about your industry or field, customers, and competition. Let 
BiblioFairy Information Services help you keep up with competitor profiles, industry news and trends, and product innovations.

BiblioFairy Information Services offers customized research, analysis, and/or  the management of information resources for clients. Project pricing is based on hourly fees ($100, rush service available at $125), miscellaneous fees (parking, telephone or fax charges), and database charges.

Because database charges vary, you will  appreciate the skill brought to the search by Amy Ranger in choosing and in using the most cost-effective sources to meet your information needs. With 
BiblioFairy Information Services you have  an experienced librarian for professional, personal research assistance. All inquiries are confidential. Call today for a free consultation, 269-352-6452.

BiblioFairy Information Services

Amy Ranger, MLS
Grand Rapids, Michigan

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