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Welcome to the website of Amy (Proni) Ranger. This site was designed as a record of my journey from reader and bibliophile, to book-seller, reviewer, special format cataloger, library graduate student, and finally, Librarian.
Capstone Project
An explanation of what all of this signifies...

Blank page
This page intentionally left blank: a nod to the old days.

The journey of a librarian.
An essay on how I finally found my true calling.

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Lifelong Learning
My business blog includes posts on librarianship, life as a entrepreneur, business resources, and observations on living in Michigan.
My résumé is here. I am an Information Entrepreneur, with my own business doing research-for-hire, cataloging and indexing on a contract and freelance basis. My business website is here: Research Rangers, LLC.
Coursework : Southern Connecticut State University, Department of Library & Information Science
Assignments, emphasis, and/or projects undertaken
ILS 501 : Introduction to Information Science & Technology
taught by Dr. H. J. Kim
Special project : Web search for sites on Hand-made wool felt
Creation of a personal web site
ILS 503 : Foundations of Librarianship
taught by Prof. J. C. Williams
People important to the field
Mentorship : Bibliographic instruction
Special project : Using Novell GroupWise v6 in an academic library setting. [Download the PowerPoint Presentation file here]
ILS 504 : Reference and Information Resources & Services
taught by Dr. Y. Q. Liu
Analysis of queries prior to a reference interview
Examination of tools
Special project : Reference books for a specific population (a commune in Upper Michigan)
ILS 506 : Information Analysis & Organization
taught by Dr. C. Kim
Special project : Shelflist for Connecticut State Library System of the works by or about Antoine De Saint-Exupéry [shelflist spreadsheet found here]
Cataloging exercise
Analysis of 3 Online Public Access Catalogs
ILS 565 : Library Management
taught by Dr. J. M. Kusack
Management styles : The in-basket exercise
Service exercise : TQM for libraries
Book review : When generations collide
ILS 575 : Instructional Design Principles
taught by Dr. H. J. Kim

Special project : How to use a microfilm reader
Documentation : Designing instruction for the microfilm reader
ILS 519 : Acquisitions & Development of Library and Information Resources
taught by Dr. A. Bielefield
Interview : An academic library Acquisitions Librarian
Special project : Collection analysis of books related to Typography in the Western Michigan University Libraries
ILS 531 : Indexing & Abstracting
taught by Dr. Y. Q. Liu

Abstract analysis
Thesauri reviews
Special project : Creation of an index for the online journal Nineteenth-Century Art Worldwide
ILS 538 : Computer-Mediated Communications
taught by Dr. E. Sierpe

Term paper : An investigation of the confluence of technology, computer-mediated communication, and distance learning.
Applications and implementations paper : Library weblogs: marketing for a new age.
ILS 680 : Research & Evaluation
taught by Dr. M. E. Brown
Research paper : Attitudes toward marketing in the liberal arts academic library : An examination of the Oberlin Group. [Download the .doc file here]
ILS 655 : Fall, 2005 : Digital Libraries
taught by Dr. Y. Q. Liu

Proni Digital Library
ILS 564 : Fall, 2005 : Special Libraries & Document Centers
taught by Prof. P. Ubzyski

Definition of a Special Library
BiblioFairy Information Services

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